Monday, April 3, 2017

The Post-Show Show Part 1- a BIG thank you!

In theatre, there are stages to every production:

Pre-Production- this is where you have to be at your most organized.  There are so many details, rehearsals, final checks, notes and all around stresses to deal with.  Your mind is constantly spinning and working in circles frantically trying to ensure no detail is missed.

Production- this is where adrenaline and sheer determination kick in and all of the details fly away in the face of the lights, the actors and the audience.

Post-Production- this is the dreamlike euphoric state of emotions you didn't have time to process during pre-production.  You accomplished something amazing!  You bonded with people for life over this one event!  You keep creating conversations that start with, "Can you believe this happened?" or "Do you remember when...".

Well folks, I'm still in that post-production haze.  I truly meant to write about our show the next day, but several things happened:
1. A VERY early flight home.  Followed by a VERY long nap.
2.  A VERY busy workweek (probably making up for a previous very distracted workweek).
3. A VERY busy second workweek.
4. Figuring out the new routine post-production.

So, I am so sorry that it's taken me a couple of weeks to regroup.  My mom said I shouldn't stress too much about it, but I don't like silent cyberspace, so please accept my apology!  I promise, regular blogging is resuming!

So, we are working on the production video (yes there is video, and yes, some of it is so adorable I can't wait to share, but in the meantime, I did want to share a couple of stories and thank you's about our show...just in case you missed it.

So Once Upon a Time, I was a floundering 20-something single gal struggling with school, struggling with life and struggling with my place in the world.  I'll admit- I was not a rebellious teenager- instead my rebellion and angst happened in my early 20's.  I was lost.  Fast forward a couple of years to me assisting with my alma mater's one-act theatre production of West Side Story.  We won state (go Trojans!) and as an encore, we booked the Theatre Macon stage for a final performance for friends and family.  That was when I first met Jim Crisp, the artistic director.  I'd known who he was, I had seen his shows, but this was a big moment in my life- even if I didn't know it then.

It was through that performance that Jim later called and asked me to choreograph their Youth Actor's Company production of Brigadoon.  I said yes, and that started my relationship with Theatre Macon, the Youth Actor's Company, the Board of the Theatre, and my friendship with Jim, my relationship with Mr. A, and so many other friendships and partnerships that are so meaningful in my life.

It was Jim, this past Christmas as we were catching up over lunch, who had the idea to have some sort of a performance to assist in our fundraising.

Jim was at our show and gave the most moving curtain speech.  It's hard to express what he means to me, and how that one meeting so many years ago shaped so much of where I am today.  The performance last month will go down as one of my most special memories- and it wouldn't have happened without him.

I can't wait to tell our baby one day about this theatre and this man who changed my course.

Jim, you have always been a driving mentor in my life.  I'm so thankful our paths crossed when they did, and so grateful for your direction, your friendship, and your generosity.  Adam and I love you so much.

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