Friday, February 24, 2017

Show Tickets and Specifics

Now that the announcement is out about our upcoming performance, the interest and support has been overwhelming!  I sang extra diligently in the car this morning prepping for the big day. :)

My mom reminded me that some people may not be as familiar with our adoption fundraising website, and that is the way to purchase advanced reserved seat tickets.  Tickets will also be available at the door, but if you want to skip the wait and have a nice center section reserved seat, here's how to do it:

1. Go to our page:
This is what you will see:
2. Click on the big RED button that says "DONATE NOW"
3. Fill in the information- Name, Amount (Tix are $20 so do the math on however many you want) and under the comments, let me know if you need anything special (aisle seat if we have it, or maybe you just want to donate tickets for someone else)
4. Fill out the CC or Banking Information (this is a secure website) and you are set!

So, advanced tickets- it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

More to come on the show later- thanks again for all the support and continue to follow the blog for updates.  I will be posting more next week about the conversation I had with our caseworker- exciting!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Adoption in Big Bright Lights

2017 has NOT been the year of lots of posting and updates and I apologize to my sweet followers who keep asking for news.  Unfortunately for the most part, things have been quiet and we are in that dreaded waiting phase, however, we did get a positive call from our caseworker yesterday and our profile has been requested specifically 4 times since January.  Of course I wanted to know if that was a good number or not (always competitive!), and YES, it is a good number!  So our profile's out there and we are waiting on that right fit.

In the meantime, we are really pushing to save, save, and save some more so when the match happens we are READY.  And with that, here's the BIG announcement for you all!

Our story is coming to the stage!  And by that, our old theatre in Georgia has graciously allowed us to use the space for a one-night performance to share our story and raise funds for our cause.

When I first thought about this, I was a little scared- I mean, it's been a while since I've been on stage.  But the more I thought about it and the more I reached out to different friends and former theatre colleagues to check their interest level, it got really exciting really fast.  SO MANY PEOPLE have jumped on board to help- I have friends who are professional actors who are flying in to perform with me!  It's so humbling and exciting, and I can't wait!!

So, the information is below.  March 18th. Macon GA.  There will be some great entertainment, information about our journey, and just a great time of fellowship and fun.  If you are in the area, I hope you will consider coming.  Tickets can be purchased at the door, BUT if you want advanced reserved seats, you can simply make a donation of the ticket price ($20) to our website- just list the number of tickets you want and make sure to include your name so we can reserve them for you.

This is going to be so much fun-- if you are in Georgia and have friends/family who may be considering adoption, I hope you will also share this with them as well.

I'll see you soon on stage!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Quick Update, Big Announcement and Love Story- all in one post!

Happy February!  It's been a little bit since I've posted... here's why:

1. Out of town.  I always forget how busy the beginning of the year can be.  I was in NYC for part of January and am currently in Las Vegas for our annual company conference...which is why I'm blogging at 11:30pm cause days in LV are LONG.
2. Out of time.  Truth.  Mr. A and I have been running around so much, any extra time has been spent just trying to connect with each other.  He's been slammed between teaching and his big gig working the SuperBowl last week so when we have downtime, we're trying to just focus on us.
3. Out of words.  Ok, that's not completely true, as I ALWAYS can find something to say.  But in terms of adoption, since we're in this waiting period, there hasn't been that much to share.  Our profile is getting a healthy amount of views which is encouraging, and we continue to look at the nursery and do small updates.  But generally, things have been quiet...

I do have one piece of really exciting news- especially for our hometown Georgia friends!  Our theatre, Theatre Macon has graciously agreed to have me back for a one night only performance on Saturday, March 18th!  I'll be bringing some special friends and all proceeds will go to assist in our adoption costs... we are still trying to save/raise about $10-15K and we can't wait to use this night as a celebration with our friends and family!  So, if you are in the Macon area, mark your calendars!

And that announcement brings me to the story-time portion of this blog.  Thinking about the theatre also has me thinking about my hubs as that's where we met 10 years ago!  So, in the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day, I thought I would share a story about Mr. A....

I first saw Mr. A in October of 2006 when he stepped on the stage of Theatre Macon to audition for the show South Pacific.  I was signed on to choreograph and at the time had not planned on auditioning as I was also slated to direct a youth production of Oklahoma that would overlap slightly and I was pretty worn out from the mega summer show we had just done.  I was not paying attention really, but when a deep voice introduced himself and his song I immediately looked up and there was this handsome guy just singing his heart out.  I've always thought from the beginning that Mr. A was the prettier one of our relationship and Day 1 was no exception.  Blond hair, blue eyes, strong build- yummy!  I figured out right away that this was someone I wanted to get to know better.  It wasn't love at first sight, but there was an immediate kinship as we struck up a conversation after the audition was over.  Next thing you know, I asked the director if I could audition and we were cast opposite each other as the comedic leads.  And that was the beginning of the happily ever after that is our life.

I've always loved sharing the story of how we met, as it's so unique and different.  It's one of those stories that never gets old and I am so grateful for that day!  10 years later, 7 years of marriage and a child on the way, he's still that cute blond guy who makes me smile just by walking in the room.

Happy February folks, Happy Valentine's Day!  Thanks for continuing to support us and be a part of our story!  I can't wait to see you Georgia people on March 18th!