Monday, May 15, 2017

Today is a BIG Day

It never fails.  The minute you start dating someone, people start talking marriage.  The second the honeymoon is over, people start asking babies.  And so on, and so on.

I realize this blog is mainly designed to talk about our desire to grow our family, but today, I'd like to focus on the current family for just a second.

Today is our 7th anniversary.

7 years ago today Mr. A. and I stood up in front of family and friends and tied the knot.

I think about that time in our lives so much.  We were (and are) so happy with each other.  After almost a year of long distance, we were in the same place and pledging to love and honor for the rest of our lives.  And after that we got to be together!  No more planes or phone calls, but actual face to face time.  It was amazing.

The wedding was perfect and everything I wanted.  Dramatic (of course), full of fun, personal and meaningful.
Yes, that is a backdrop in our church.  Are you surprised?!!?

There are some parts of that day that I remember with perfect clarity.  I remember my bridesmaids looking so beautiful.  I remember putting on my blue shoes that the wedding party had signed the night before.  I remember my sweet wedding planner Jayne, who passed away this year, giving me a pep talk right before the doors opened.  I remember just grinning.  No crying, no emotions other than pure joy at marrying my best friend.

I remember the reception as one big blur of dancing, hugging on friends and family and celebrating life.

I remember looking at my parents and realizing very clearly that a shift in our relationship had just happened.  I was still their daughter, but now I was married and part of a "we" moving forward.

I remember our family and friends coming from all over to be with us.  Our camp friends, NYC friends, theatre friends and family all in one space- it was so perfect.

There are plenty of times these days when it's easy to feel down and depressed.  Infertility, trying to patiently wait on the next steps with adopting, and the feelings that go with this can be so hard.  But I have to remember that I'm the lucky one here.  I already have a family and that began 7 years ago.  Together, Mr. A and I have created a life that is not perfect, but one that has been such a blessing to me.  I don't take our marriage for granted and I am very aware that I am in a minority these days.  The wedding was amazing, but we've been blessed beyond that.

Our newleywed life in NYC...

Our trips and adventures...

All our moves...
Macon...New York...Baltimore...Houston

And now getting ready for this next adventure...

I love you Mr. A.  HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  Here's to MANY more years to come!