Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November- National Adoption Month!

Today is the last day of National Adoption Month.  Don't worry, you'll still get plenty of adoption-related news from me and this blog, but I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who was involved this month.  From sending a smiley face on #worldadoptionday to sharing and donating to our adoption fund.  Our journey's not over, but it's been really great to see such concentrated support this month and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it.

For many of you, adoption is not on your radar like it's on mine, but on this last day of awareness, I do want to let you know that even if you're not in the place to adopt, there are plenty of ways you can be involved in someone else's adoption story.

Here are just a few ways you can help:

1. Reach out to your local pregnancy center and volunteer.  The need for volunteers is strong everywhere, and having people handy to answer the phones, donate supplies, and the hundreds of other things needed for these centers to thrive is a real need.

2. Volunteer at a children's home.  Our Sunday School has spent time at the local boy's home here, and giving kids an opportunity to play, get some adult contact and positive mentoring not only is good for them, it's great for you!

3. Use your social media!  Posting or sharing your volunteer group of choice helps spread the word.  The average Facebook user spends at least 20 minutes per day looking at status updates.  Who knows how many eyes can hit your status update on giving back!?!?

Not sure where to start?  Volunteer Match has a great search engine!

Thank you for participating in Adoption Awareness Month and thank you for continuing to pray, share and invest in our adoption journey!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


If you travel frequently like I do, I'm sure you've had the feeling before when you have an early flight and you find yourself racing.
*Racing to get out of bed for that so so early alarm
*Racing to finish packing (because there's always something I forgot)
*Racing to the car, praying there's gas cause I do not have time to stop
*Racing through traffic
*Racing to find parking
*Racing to get to get through security as fast as possible

And then, after all that racing, you sit.  And wait.  It may be 10 minutes or it may be an hour but after all that racing, there is a certain amount of waiting that happens while you wait for your plane to board.

In some ways, that's where we are right now.  We are RACING.
*Racing to complete home study documents
*Racing to find every piece of paperwork needed for the social worker
*Racing to fire/safety-proof our home for our home visit
*Racing to get photos taken for our profile
*Racing through all of the documents, questionnaires, statements and narratives we've had to present
*Racing through the planning, fundraising, stressing, budgeting and details that seem to crop up every single day

But pretty soon, all that racing is going to come to a halt and then... we'll be waiting.  It could be 10 days or it could be 10 months, but it's the waiting that is right around the corner.

I talked with our social worker today and she mentioned that it's normal to feel antsy because after so much racing, the waiting can seem tough.  It definitely feels like a looming time period that I'm not sure I'm ready for.  I mean, sure, we could get matched right away and have a baby by Valentine's but the truth of adoption is it's a waiting game.

What will happen when the RACING is over?  How in the world will I occupy my time during the WAITING?

If you've got some helpful tips, please feel free to share.  I have to say, as much as the RACING has really been stressful, I am a little nervous about the WAITING that is about to start.

If you would like to pray, share or invest in our journey, please do so here:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


It's been a whirlwind week.  In addition to the normal job, we've been working like crazy to get home study stuff turned in as well as doing our first photo shoot for our profile.  I've been fingerprinted, turned in all sorts of paperwork and will spend the weekend installing smoke detectors and outlet covers.

But I did want to stop to talk about Thanksgiving for a minute.  Here's what I'm Thankful for:

1. My husband.  Because let me tell you this process can drive anyone crazy, but he's been there steadfast and strong through it all.

2. My parents.  Any question, complaint, or quick pep talk- they're there encouraging and loving us with every step.

3. My in-laws.  They are so excited and their excitement reminds me that I also need to get excited.  I'm so thankful for their enthusiasm.

4. My prayer partners.  These are some busy ladies with all sorts of stuff going on, yet through it all, they are reaching out and lifting up.

5.  My friends.  What amazing people.  The reading, sharing and giving of our journey in these 2 short months is nothing short of amazing.

6. The blogsphere.  I don't know who all of you are, but I do know you have care and empathy for our journey.  THANK YOU.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Baby C. Fundraising Progress

To celebrate National Adoption Month, our friends and family have just come together in AMAZING ways to assist in helping us raise our remaining funds needed for Baby C.  Since we are headed into the holidays, there are all sorts of opportunities to give, share and participate.  Here's our breakdown- please share with your friends and family:

NOW - November 26th
Stock up on your makeup and beautify yourself for the holidays!  My mazing cousin Bethany (and prayer partner through this journey) is offering to share some funds from her Mary Katy business.  Visit her site here and enjoy all of the MK offerings for skincare, makeup and special holiday items!

NOW-December 4th
Calling all Middle Georgia friends with kids!  Monkey Joe's in Warner Robins is hosting a fun night Sunday, December 4th, where proceeds of tickets sold will go towards our adoption fund!  If you are in town from 6pm-8pm, please stop by!  I will be there and would love to see you!  If you can't come and are interested in pre-paying for tickets, please contact MJ's here for more info!

NOW while Supplies Last
My sweet cousin Lindsay held an online ornament party with customized Minecraft ornaments and other goodies included some paintings by her 6 year old daughter with all proceeds going to our fund.  She's still got some left- contact her for more details!

Still going strong...
Our You Caring site is still up and running... so if you'd rather just give a financial gift there, you can do so.  I'll have some updates on our homestudy progress later- there's so much we're working on, and knowing there are those out there willing to participate, share, and give is so comforting.

Coming soon...
One of the vendors I partner with at work, Rossmore LA has generously donated some sterling silver jewelry to our cause.  I'll be doing a live Facebook event closer to December for an opportunity to buy some of this amazing jewelry.  Everything is hand-crafted and one of a kind.  I can't wait to share and will keep you posted!  Here's a sneak peak of some of the amazing pieces...

All of a sudden, there are so many things happening and we are working our adoption from several different angles as we prep for our homestudy and birthmother profile.  To know there are also some sweet friends and family who are helping keep our fundraising going is so comforting and appreciated.  Please continue to share and pray for us and thanks in advance!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

World Adoption Day!!

It's World Adoption Day!  Show your support for adoption by adding a smiley face and sending it to your social sites!  Feel free to tag us (Facebook:  ktneverending, Instagram: katt5498) and use the following hashtags:

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

writing when i don't know what to write

It's the day after the election.  And I'll be honest, my last 24 hours, like many of my friends and colleagues, have been filled with all sorts of emotions.  And no, this is not going to be that type of post, filled with an opinion that, depending on what your choice looked like, will cause you to comment or unfriend me or praise me with the newest political meme.  I just need to write a bit.

I feel like have a unique viewpoint.  I see and understand why people are thrilled right now, coming from a smaller town in the South and seeing how the loss of jobs, corrupt government influence, and despair at the prospect that God & Amendment-given rights were in potential jeopardy.  I am proud to come from a deeply conservative family whose faith is a driving force into the political decisions they make.  I've also had the privilege of living in 2 of the largest cities in this country over the last 6 years and have witnessed the glaring need for the social and government programs focused on recognizing minorities and healthcare initiatives, the unhealthy treatment of women in the workplace, and the need for reform on so many levels. While I personally wasn't particularly motivated by either candidate I got why people were so motivated by both, depending on their viewpoint.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I get it.  You may be thrilled.  You may be scared.  You may be feeling like you're gaining control back, or you may be feeling like you are losing your personal choice.  What I don't get is the amount of angry, biased, polarized statements that are flooding my social media feed from both sides of the aisle.  It makes me sad to see people I highly look up to reacting in a way that could be so misread by others.

If you are thrilled, inspired, and hopeful based on our election results, I am thrilled for you.  I'm glad you are empowered that your choice has resulted in what could be true economic and global change.  This election did show that every vote counts and people's voices could be heard and that is a victory.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have friends and co-workers who are women, African-American, Hispanic, gay, unemployed, self-employed, Christian, Muslim and, living in the big city I live in now, I have already witnessed the true distress and fear that some are experiencing right now.  And if you are reading this and you are confused and scared, I want you to know and feel support and love from me.  Regardless of your choice and regardless of who is President, it's my goal to show the love of Jesus to all of you without reservation.  I'm not going to mock your pain, and I'm not going to diminish what you are feeling.  Many of you are young.  Many of you are experiencing your first election and you are emotionally feeling what you've never felt before.  These feelings are valid, and if you need support and want to talk it out, I want you to reach out to me.

I think a lot about our birthmother.  She could already be pregnant.  She could already be facing serious decisions.  Based on her viewpoint, she could be excited about this nation's future, or she could be so scared.  She could feel pressure to make a choice other than adoption in fear that her choices will become more limited based on our political horizon.  I hope someone is reaching out and showing her love and support.  I hope she's not just reading rhetoric that continues to cause her distress.  I hope there's someone within her network who can encircle her in their arms.

This isn't quite an adoption post.  But it is a post about choice.  How we choose to react and speak about what's going on in our country. How we choose to love our neighbor.  How we choose to celebrate our victories.  How we choose to manage and move forward in our disappointment.  How we choose to speak what's on our minds and hearts. How we choose to acknowledge that our words and actions do matter. This is not a post that is intended to spark a debate or provide direct opinions on the outcome of our political choices.  This isn't intended to incite political comment either, so I hope you will not take any of this as anything other than the fact that we need to support each other so much right now.  I apologize if it offends anyone, as that is not my intention at all.

You never know what you say, post, tweet and respond to will be interpreted so I pray we all exercise some love and discretion as we talk about our nation's future. We all made a choice yesterday, but our choice of reaction is still in our hands.

I love you all.  Be good to each other.
"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."  Ephesians 4:2

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Election and Our Adoption

I know that most of you are very aware of what happens tomorrow on November 8th- Election Day!  Go vote!

But, I am pretty confident that many of you don't know what happens the week after on November 15th?!?!

It's World Adoption Day!

November is an entire month of adoption awareness and it's also a great way to involve kids, parents, friends and families in a visual statement of support online.  All you have to do is draw a smiley face on your hand, take a pic, and post on your social feed.  You can use the hashtag #worldadoptionday and join millions who support adoption worldwide through awareness, fundraising and giving.

I'd like to challenge you to take a step further. You see, on November 15th, we'll be a week into Election Results and settling down from the craziness and figuring out what life is going to look like with the new President.  If it's not your candidate in the winner's circle, you may be feeling a little depressed, a little angry or disenchanted with the steps our country is taking.  I get that- this is a big election after all and right now we as a country are so divided.

But I'd like to encourage you to think about something positive on November 15th.  And I can't think of a more positive thing than acknowledging an entire day created celebrating families of the heart. 

So, on November 15th, I want to challenge you to to this:
1. Draw the smiley face
2. Take the selfie
3. Post the selfie
4. Use the hashtag #worldadoptionday
5. Add the hashtag #babycarradoption
6. Tag me on Instagram (@katt5498) or Facebook (@ktneverending)
7. If you are using Facebook, link our page (
8. Smile because it is a day of celebration of families

November 15th will most likely be a crazy day.  Give yourself a bright spot by celebrating adoption as well.

Are you with me?!!?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Moment of Truth and a Time of Trust

When we decided to go public with our journey, I knew in the back of my mind that not every post would be filled with rainbows and positive vibes because, like most things that are hard and out of my control, I have good days and bad days.  And I'll be honest.  Last week, I had a bad day.

I had just flown back into town from my last (YAY!!) work trip of the year.  I did the normal things I do once I land:

*Check in with Husband
*Check emails while waiting to get off plane
*Lug everything to the car
*Catch up on calls during the hour-drive home

On this particular day, during the check-in with the hubs I learned that a very large adoption welcome packet had been delivered by our agency.  While checking emails, I also discovered 2 separate but extremely detailed emails from the agency- one about our profile and another about the home study and items that we needed to start working on asap.

All of a sudden, this is REAL.  We've raised/saved our $$, had enough to start, and we are GOING.

At some point during the lugging of everything to the car, it just became so overwhelming.  So I did what I normally do when I'm overwhelmed and need to talk it out.  I start calling people.

I called my mom.  No answer.
I called my best friend.  No answer.
I called a couple of other friends.  No answer.

To be fair, I landed around the strange mix of dinner/get ready for bed/bedtime for these friends of mine that all have kids of different ages- it wasn't the best time to call, I know.  Maybe it was the fact that I couldn't get anyone on the phone, or maybe it was just the fact that all of a sudden we had SO MUCH to do but I lost it.  I cried like a baby all the way home.  And if you know me, you know that I'm pretty stoic- crying is not really a part of how I express myself.  But there it was; a blubbery mass of tears and choked sobs (I'm not a pretty crier) all the way to the house.

I did what any self-respecting female would do- I wiped my tears before getting out of the car so Mr. A would have no idea what was going on, and I buried my head in the sand.  It wasn't until blessed Saturday that I realized why I had my meltdown. 

The thing you don't hear too much of is how alone you may feel and how guarded you become when it comes to sharing those feelings.  I am confident in this decision and I know we're in God's will.  So what's going on in my head?!?

See, just because you may know you're on the right path doesn't mean it's easy.  And once a decision to do or not do something is made, it doesn't mean that future decisions or actions will just take care of themselves.  We want to adopt.  Hooray!  But it's still messy.  And there are still questions that need to be answered.  And there are still things out of our control.  And there may not always be someone to talk me off my emotional ledge.

I was reading the book of Psalms and really got stuck on Chapter 33.  It was a comfort to me and I hope you will take comfort if there are things in your life that are out of control.

20 We wait in hope for the Lord;
    he is our help and our shield.
21 In him our hearts rejoice,
    for we trust in his holy name.
22 May your unfailing love be with us, Lord,
    even as we put our hope in you.

If you would like to pray, share or invest in our adoption journey, you may do so here:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Adaption Awareness Month Day 2

Its the 2nd day of Adoption Awareness Month, and as we continue to raise funds, save our money and work on our next steps (home study, saving for 2nd agency installment), I've really started reading anything and everything I can get my hands on regarding adoption.  I've downloaded books, subscribed to blogs and am just so hungry for anything I can soak in.  Experiences from birth mothers, adoptive parent journeys are the new crack to my system as I work to prep myself emotionally for the road ahead.

You read a little bit of everything- the good, the bad and the ugly.  So today, for Day 2 of Adoption Awareness Month, I want to share my absolute favorite quote read this week.  Remember Nia Vardalos of the Greek Wedding fame? 

(Actually, while I loved both Greek Weddings, my favorite N.V. movie is in Connie and Carla when they dress in drag and sing showtunes for 72% of the film- LOVE!)

Anyway, Nia has an adoption story and it's just beautiful.  You can read more about it here and she's also written a book on her experience.

Looking through her story, the quote below has just stuck with me:

This just confirms to me that adoption isn't another path- it's THE path for those who choose to go that route.  And that quote sums up the feelings I'm having about our child.  I already know- I NEED to be this child's mother.  Whenever we meet, I KNOW it will be right. #babycarradoption

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Adoption Awareness Month!

November is Adoption Awareness Month.  A whole month dedicated to families of the heart!  As we move on with our journey I am going to be posting some fun facts about adoption, there will be some raffles and opportunities for some fun prizes (or early holiday gifts?!?!) and a continued plea to blast social media with adoption news.  30 days of Adoption Fun Starting NOW:

Ever wonder if you know anyone who was adopted?  I bet you recognize some of the names on this list:
If you would like to pray, share, or invest in our journey, you can do so here:
*Don't forget the Baby Advice Challenge- happening this week!